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S937, S970 and S971 are opening!

2018.05.24 04:16:05

Thank you for your continued support of Naruto Online. We’ll be opening three new servers on 05/24/18 and invite all ninjas to join us in our journey of Fire!


[Update] - 4.0 Version Preview Look

2017.11.23 06:38:11


Server Maintenance Updates - May 24th

2018.05.23 03:26:05

To ensure the best gaming experience to our gamers, we will be taking down some servers for maintenance and updates. The task may finish ahead or late of schedule depending on the actual situation. During maintenance, the affected servers will not be available for login services. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


Event - May 24th

2018.05.24 03:08:05

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check new event cycle, which will start on 05/24/18! Please, have a look below to check the new events!

  • Breeze Dancer
  • Midnight Blade
  • Scarlet Blaze
  • Azure Fang
  • Crimson Fist
Breeze Dancer

Gender: Female     Height: 171cm

Age: 16                   Weight: 48kg

Battle Style:  

Uses Wind Style to carry out attacks, adept at causing heavy wind attribute damage to multiple enemy bodies.

In addition to using Ninjutsu, uses feminine charms to .....