Fire Element Talents

The Fire Element Talents (Scarlet Blaze) can be divided into 3 groups: mystery skills, standard skills, and passive skills.

Skill NameLevel GainedSkill's AttributesChase ConditionsCooling TimeCooling ApproachChakra ConsumptionAdditional Status
Fire Style - Phoenix Fire JutsuLv1Ninjutsu, FirePrompt2 rounds-20Ignition
Cause Ninjutsu damage and [Ignition] to two enemy individuals (under the [Ignition] debuff, you're continuously receiving damage which renders Healing ineffective).
Fire Style - Dragon Flame JutsuLv25Ninjutsu, FirePrompt4 rounds1 round40High Float
Cause substantial ninjutsu damage to up to 7 enemy bodies, with [high float] to selected enemy. Substantially increase damage to clones, puppets and Summons.After using for 2 rounds, it will start to cool off for 4 rounds.
Sealing Jutsu - Seal of Red LotusLv45Taijutsu, NinjutsuPrompt3 rounds-20Immobile Imprison
Cause Ninjutsu and Taijutsu damage to the selected enemy, [Immobile] and [Imprison] (under [Imprison] debuff, receive Ninjutsu damage for using Chakra skills).